About the Blog

About the Blog: #InMyHeartJMKayne

Started in 2008 when I first moved to Abu Dhabi. Some of the old entries came from my Yahoo account. Originally, I wanted this space to be my space for all my random musings and stories of my life abroad. These are stories about life, faith, travel, family, friendship, DIYs, food and more! To keep it short, these are the stories #InMyHeart. 


Here are some of the topics you can expect from the blog:

  1. Personal experiences and random sharings about life.
  2. Stories of faith. My community life in CFC-FFL/CFFL UAE.
  3. Travel Logs! Byahe Ng Kokobears trips
  4. Movies and Book reviews
  5. Food Recipe from my #KusinaNiKayne
  6. My passion projects: Teaching, Creativity, English, Emceeing/Hosting etc.
  7. Collaborations & Sponsored Blog post.


IAMJMKAYNE is open for collaboration in any lifestyle niche such as  accommodations (hotel/guesthouse), foodies like cafe, restaurant, and product/service reviews. You can reach out through [email protected] for business partnership.

Also Featured as a Guest Post on:

In the past, I’ve shared some write-ups with other websites and some of them are below.

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