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    TakeHome-ily: Open up for the Lord

    From yesterday’s Gospel – I’d like to share a few reflections. Jesus reveals himself as the “bread of life”.  Majority of us have a hard time accepting this. But let us try to be open to the mysteries of God. Let us be open especially when it comes to our faith.  Kahit gaano ka ka-“ganda” (ang tao o bagay man) kapag sarado ka – hindi tutuloy sa atin ang biyaya ng Diyos. However good or beautiful you are (as a person/things/situation) if you are closed and not willing to share your life. You would not see the blessings of the Lord. Be OPEN for the LORD. Open up – starting…

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    TakeHome-ily: On Readiness and Seeing Him

    Today, I went for a Monday mass with my parents and the priest has a very basic yet remarkable homily. He said: “Whenever we attend the mass – every Christian (Catholics most especially) HAVE SEEN THE LORD – we just didn’t recognize IT.“ Have you seen Him? Yes we have. We all have. Others may say we see Him through the cross. It’s correct, but what if there is no cross. How else do we see God during the mass? We see Him, through the host. The host which other people may think – it is just a bread. A bread that others sees it as nothing. But the bread…