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    Maldives Memories 2015

    This post is dedicated to the whole of Maldives, the travel log, the budget (envelop), the city, the buildings, our hotel, the kick off travel by bus to Dubai, the tickets and more! See the complete guide on a special #throwback blog on Maldives 2015.

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    Maldives: Male

    Day 4 – Male Male is the capital of Maldives – it is 15 minutes away from the man-made island that we landed called Hulhumale. For day 4 – we decided to explore the small city & see for our self the description of the local that it is a crowded city. Indeed it was! Not with people I guess during our time because it was a holiday, but crowded because of the motorcycle!!! You couldn’t imagine the massive number of motorcycles around the city! I guess each person is having one. We visited the old mosque and tombs, the first presidential palace and few more tourists are such as…

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    The Appointment Experience (OEC)

    The Appointment Experience: 25 | Nov | 2015 – Wednesday. You may also check out an update about my 2016 appointment on OEC 2.0 Photo credit from :  http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-w6P-EhZLbrg/T41sdy0mkqI/AAAAAAAAAl8/Aj6q-EFQxKM/s1600/oec.jpg I arrived early, 45 minutes before my schedule. As I enter the OWWA Office (This is the one on the right villa side). There are 2 tents, 1 with fellow Filipinos waiting and the other one with Embassy staff processing something… (Something without note that this is for PAG-IBIG or for WHAT).   So I asked one of the Kabayan and she said go to the counter on the second tent. A table/counter with 3 embassy staff is assigned – they…

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    Kayne’s PF Chang Combo Fried Rice

      Today, #KusinaNiKayne presents my very own version of home-cooked, PF Chang’s Combo Fried Rice! … Ever since we tried this rice at PF Chang, we fall in love with it and wonder how to cooked it, so I googled and add my own improvement. You may also add beef strips if interested. A little Worcestershire sauce can add flavor and a little ginger too! Maybe a kick of spice will boost your appetite as well!   I have not added exact measurements of the ingredients. It is what I call, instinct.. hehehe “tancha-tancha lang”. Read on and maybe give a try! ^^ KAYNE’s PF Chang Combo Fired Rice version…

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    Social Media 101 – Note to Self

    Photo credits from: http://www.seointl.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Internet-Marketing-Social-Media-101-Training-Dubai-UAE.jpg Social Media. . . Last night I watched ABNKKBSNPLAko (A Filipino movie with Jericho Rosales on it) and on one of the scene Echo who plays Roberto (Bob Ong) discussed with his bff Ulo (played by Vandolph) about people sharing their life on social media; “What they are, where they go, their wife, husband, kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, foods they eat, the places they travel etc. Is it a benchmark of a person’s happiness? Sometimes social media is being used to hide the real scene of a person’s life, even showing the world you are ok when in fact you are at a point of breaking down.…

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    HAHAHAHSULA (HAHAHA-ang Hassle) This song has been my LSS for the past few days, magandang kanta kasi – #Vispop! I’m sure marami ang makaka-relate… I wanna share it to some friends (na hindi Bisaya) who asked about its meaning…  So I attempted to translate it in Filipino (Tagalog) – which I am not very good at ^^, pero hopefully I will give justice to it.. hehehe.. Feel free to comment if I made some lines incorrectly in Tagalog… (open tayo dyan J ) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   By: Kurt Fick feat. Paola Sandiego Translation by JM Bacus-Chavez…

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    Abu Dhabi – 10!

    10 Basic Things to know about ABU DHABI It has been 7 years and a couple of months since I first stepped on this beautiful city of Abu Dhabi! When I travel to a certain place, I often research the basic stuffs… I have tried to search on the net but it’s either too small or too long. On this blog I am making 10! Ten of the basic information every first timer should know about AUH-Abu Dhabi.   1. Flight  Duration: 8 Hours ++ (especially if you have stop overs) – from Philippines  Cost – More or less 2500 – 4000 AED depending on the season (2 way) – its…

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    Exit – OEC

    POEA Online – Balik Manggagawa Online Processing System  We’re going home! !! Among the many hassles we Filipinos go through… (OFW to be specific) is the yearly visit to the embassy/consulate (if you could take a leave yearly) and get the so called OEC. OEC is – Overseas Employment Certificate. For the past 6 years, I often just show up to the embassy- fall in line and wait until my turn to present the required documents, pay for Pag-ibig, OWWA and others… but this year the embassy (in UAE) has started doing online appointment by visiting the website: http://bmonline.poea.gov.ph/ So, for those who plan to go on vacation, here is…