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    11 Things to do while waiting for your Flight

    Instead, I find this opportunity to actually observe and made this list ofย 11 Things you can do while waiting for your flight – – – especially if it is delayed. :D   So, let’s do this quickly!   1. Sleep – Duhhh! This is a scene we all see. So catch up some snore moment.   2. Eat – Because you wake up early or late, so you missed to take breakfast, lunch or dinner just to catch your flight but ending in the waiting game because of – – you already know! So go ahead, suit yourself and choose whatever is available in the restaurants at the airport!  …

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    My six (6) Travel MUST HAVEs

    We all have our own list of TRAVEL MUST HAVEs! Mine are six (6) travel must haves that I believed to be truly important. Setting aside the basics such as passport, ticket, cash or cards – this list is merely an effect of my past travels which made me realize how useful and significant these items are to me. I won’t make it long, here are my must haves:   1. Wet tissue & Tissue Kokobear and I have travelled Tagaytay, Palawan & Bohol in 2015 and in between I found myself forgetting these 2. I know, you’d tell me its a mortal sin to forget this and so its…

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