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    Ginoo Walay Sukod – MYMP

      Ginoo, Walay Sukod (MYMP)   Been battling a not so good “song” over my mind & have tried to fill my mind with praise songs, this is one of those that helps much! Not just songs but some not good thoughts, the solution is to sing, not just in the mind, but opening ones mouth & sing it loud. The truth is it’s been 2 days that in my idle time the bad song just sinks in, so I call the Lord to please help! Then I put my mp3 & start songs of praise. What’s sad is that a friend confirms that she does experiences it too, it’s like…

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    AIC Weekend

    AIC Weekend: IN HIM, I AM ALIVE AGAIN CFC AIC WeekendE wan Hotel, Sharjah, UAE16th March, 2012 By: Julie Mae H. Bacus   In HIM, we are ALIVE again. Therefore… choose LIFE! – Deut 30:19 This is one of the yearly events I look forward to. A weekend that would allow me to bond with my fellow brothers & sisters in the community and most of all, a day of massive spiritual nourishment. Not to mention, this year’s retreat is headed nonetheless our Servant General himself, Tito Frank Padilla. And I have to say, it is a powerful team as our Middle East Regional Coordinator Tito Benjie Gadi, and Wife Tita…

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    Evangelization Rally: A Spiritual Re-Charge!

    It’s been a while since we had a break in our weekly household & all for the yuletide season & as an Opening Salvo for the New Year here’s Evangelization Rally as an opener!   So here are some of the captured photos of this year’s Spiritual Re-charge! 2012               Personally, it’s a very helpful session for me. It allows me to reflect & bring myself back to the true raise of life!     May this year be as fruitful as last year!   TO GOD BE THE GLORY!