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💫💫💫 I wish, I wish, wishywishy wish wish wish!  💫💫💫


This idea of an additional page came to me when Lala (my “CG” – Creative Genius) kept me up all night a for sometime now… The “BER” month has just arrived and so I jumped in! Here’s a running list of my wishes! :) .

Disclaimer: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that materialistic girl – but I just thought of giving my friends and family an easy way of knowing what I’d like to receive and save them some time. ^^ (wink* wink*) Especially if they check out my blog. haha


(In no specific order)


  1. A NEW JOB this 2019 (Praying for a Training/L&D field)
  2. Have my Passion Project – The Creative Passport Workbook be published
  3. Books!!! The War of Art, The Sleight Edge, 5 Languages of Love,
  4. Travel to Armenia & Georgia + Italy and South Korea
  5. Gimbal for my vlogging (kuno! hahah)
  6. A new daily bag to go. :D
  7. Specific Christmas Wish? A LIKE on my blog’s GB Page – In My Heart JM Kayne and a VISIT + & READ on here www.iamjmkayne.com
  8. More collaborations and a long lasting one.




  1. A NEW JOB this 2018 (Praying for a Training/L&D field)
  2. Polaroid Camera – Got mine! Thanks Kokobear! 💚
  3. Polaroid printer
  4. Polaroid films/sheets
  5. A lighter DSLR Camera
  6. Big Magic (book) – by Elizabeth Gilbert – got it, thanks Kokobear :)
  7. The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin (book)
  8. Calm (book)
  9. Five Minutes in the Morning (book) – on the way! :) Bought it for myself.. hahaha good job JM! :)
  10. E-Course from Marie Forleo (B-School or Copy Cure)
  11. Arriane Serafico’s Braver Goals Workbook and Crossroad Workbook
  12. Lavendaire’s 2019 Artist of Life Workbook – Got it! It’s currently with RC :)
  13. Nike KD’s Cupcake Shoes (red) size 37-38 please 😃
  14. Starbucks Tumbler (with mint green top cover)
  15. IKEA’s Kallax (book stand)
  16. Kokobear’s Christmas Tree – Got it! :) Dec 2018


  1. A NEW JOB this 2019 (Praying for a Training/L&D field) – Hope to get one in Q1
  2. Book: Anne Frank’s Diary of a Girl
  3. Travel somewhere this year. Outside UAE.


Thank you & God bless!


#Hopeful, lol







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