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    I Live to Fulfill His Call

    I Live to Fulfill His Call I live to INSPIRE ODW – 17.June.2015-Wednesday (NDC Office)   An avalanche of ideas comes into my head whenever I am asked what I am living for. For a long time I have often believe that I am such a lucky girl to be raised by a good pair of parents, a happy childhood, a completed degree because of the people who supported me all the way and indeed gained my kindergarten dream of becoming a nurturer of minds – a teacher! But I realized, I’m not lucky, I am BLESSED!   Eight years ago I wouldn’t thought of myself being away from home,…

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    PAPA Honoring our Fathers with these 6 special quotes!   Share and tag your dad…   * * * Finally, I am sharing this scripture that my Father used to write on the wall/ on our front door with a chalk…. I grew up reading it every day – without understanding its message until I received God’s wisdom! Indeed a powerful scripture and has remained true! I am not who I am today, without your ways —  Thank you Pa! 😘 Proverbs 22:6 Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it! *** Feel Free to re-blog/share and tag…

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    My Paradise

      Photo from : http://cnu.edu.ph/cnuweb/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/CNU-Picture.jpg   My Paradise   ODW – September 2005   Lawaan National HighSchool – Lawaan Talisay-Cebu City * * * * * Alone, far from the façade of my paradise.   Paradise of dreams to which some I have conquered.   Some, I’ve left behind,   And some, still hang all my desires.     Will I be staying away from there forever?   My mind has been restless   Everything comes to my senses   Holding and haunting me.     Missing the laughter we used to share   Reminiscing the moments   Wishing and hoping for a past pace of events   So I could…

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    Arts & Crafts

    I am sharing random photos of arts and crafts created by yours truly :) Welcome to : #KaynesArtshoppe (•◡•)   * * * * * * 5. Personalised Giveaways for Sis Meann & Bro Vince’s Wedding ♡ 4. Handmade card (business/calling) or notes holder! ♡     3. Here is one of our 2014 Christmas decor! ✩✩✩ 2.  Wrapping & ribbon styles… simple but with efforts from the heart      1. Personalised – envelop :D made for my ina-anak – Gredtha! ^^