JM Kayne

The Author

Hello! I’m JM Kayne, from Cebu Philippines and currently lives in Dubai, UAE for almost 15 years now…

I’m a Teacher, Training, Learning & Development Professional. After graduating in 2005, I worked for 3+ years as an ESL Teacher (English as Second Language) and then moved to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I have worked as a telemarketer for a Safety Training Centre and currently – – –  I am a Training & Development Executive of a Facilities Management company here in Dubai UAE.

In December 2017 – we moved to Dubai (that’s actually 2 hours away from Abu Dhabi and still UAE :)


I have a wide range of interests about anything. Life in general is the topic that I love to write; faith, family, love, travel, food and more. I am interested into working with others and hopefully get a chance to do a sponsored blogs too. In March 2017 I have started working with brands and services, check out the collaboration section to more about it.

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Thank you for dropping by and happy reading!

God bless,

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