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New here: Here I go! ☂

Me in 2009 | At my back is one of Abu Dhabi’s 5* hotel – The Emirates Palace (UAE)

New Here: Here I go! 


I have been trying to open this page/blog for a long time, but in some instances the net seemed not to cooperate. It was only today when I found myself sleepy that I need to divert my attention into something that would make me up. 

And now I find myself writing right here and now :) 

This is going to be my hub! My blogs will be anything under the sun! Anything that inspires me, opinions for a good or bad mood, moments, praising & worshiping GOD and more! This is obviously my very first blog post (after changing emails). In this space I am sharing you the stories #InMyHeart. (♥) 

See you soon folks, I will be transferring my old blogs & will soon write an updated one! :)


God bless,

JM Kayne 






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