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When I first arrived here in Abu Dhabi, one of the things I have written in my diary was to achieve something about my spirituality.

I went to a church here… and a part of me had this feeling of “dejavu” the place was sooooo familiar.  
Along the bible studies I have learned how to communicate with GOD, though I have been with him, since he is my best friend… but in every Friday 11AM session I have gained something…But somehow fate leads me to another group, still for Christians…

They are the CFC-FFL… Couples For Christ, Foundations for Family and Life.

Here I met mostly couples and few of us are singles… it’s also like a BB but it differs in a way that there are talks and at the end of every talk there comes the group sharing.

On the first week, what made me feel good being there was that because I have this opportunity to share my life to “strangers”…

Slowly as the weeks and days passed by, with the two one-on-one sharing, it made me feel closer,,, days and weeks of talks and sharing go along the way. I have found myself new friends, new kuya and ate.

On the 5th week, we had our pray over, they call it BAPTISM– the second one. I mean in one of the sacraments of Christianity is this one, but it was given to us when we were younger, when we are not aware. But with this one, we are at the right age, we are aware, we can make our own decision and we know what we are up to.

I was prayed over by 3 of my older sisters… Sis Amie-my single’s leader and two others Sis Weng & Jean.

To go into details may give me a hard time, then let me just describe it this way… I don’t know if it was because of the AC that along the way of the pray over, I chilled… as I utter “Alleluyah” I can hear the three pouring the words of God, I feel like a white blanket was covered me and something seemed to be cleansing me. At the end of that, I found myself shaking and that I needed sometime to recover enough strength to stand.
It feels good, strange, clean and it feels that it has given me spiritual strength!

While hearing the prayers it left me smiling for it had made me realized how WELL BLESSED I am.

  • to have a very good family (praised to God)
  • friends I feel like family.
  • I do not have grudges/hurt feelings to the people I am around.
  • I am blessed to have a good job, to be one of the chosen people to be here in Abu Dhabi.
  • Blessed to  experience this.
  • How blessed I AM to be WHO I AM.

To God, my saviour, my strength, my best friend, my father, my redeemer…I love you! Thank you and I’m sorry.


For the record, being a Catholic is one thing I am sure I wouldn’t change. I closed my door to some other religion for I have believed in Jesus. I respect all the other religions. I’m willing to listen a few but, In God’s will, I will remain who I am.

Lord Jesus, please continue being with me, with my family and friends and to the people I know, be with them… guide them and be their light like you are to me. =)

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