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How to Renew your Passport in Dubai PCG 2019

How to Renew your Passport in Dubai PCG (Philippines Consulate General)

It’s my first time to renew my passport here in Dubai. Dubai has the consulate, while Abu Dhabi has the embassy since it’s the capital of the UAE.

Almost the same process applies. Of course, to start with – the most important step is to book for an appointment.

passport renewal in dubai pcg -

Step 1 – Book for an Appointment.

Visit this page for booking your appointment:

Make sure that you reserve your slot at least 6-10 months before your passport expires as I have noticed that most of the slots are often fully booked.

I did mine in April, which surprised me because I opted to renew in June since my expiry will be in December. But it was fully booked, so I moved it today, 14th July 2019. (as of writing)

Here are the documents you need to prepare on the day. Basically this will also be advised during your appointment booking:

  • Printed confirmation of your appointment (with a QR Code on it)
  • Original (old) passport
  • Your passport renewal fee – 240/- AED
  • Copies of your passport (1) data page and (1) visa page
  • E-Form – Passport Application Form – Filled & signed.
  • Yourself :)

Step 2 – On the Day of the Appointment

  1. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment. This will give you enough time to photocopy, update, correct or change anything that has to be corrected/added.
  2. Upon arrival, you will notice two villas (side-by-side) – facing them, go to the villa on your left. A security guard will ask your appointment schedule and will instruct you to go straight then left. Right after you open the door, go left. (Passport Cabin)
  3. Put your passport on the box based on your assigned appointment. 1 box per hour.
  4. Sit and wait for your turn. The personnel on site will call your name.
  5. Ensure that you have filled correctly the E-Passport Application form. (Link above)
  6. The personnel will check them and will advise you to proceed to the Cashier & Encoding.
  7. Go out of the cabin from where you entered and go straight directly right in front of you you’ll see CASHIER & ENCODING arrow sign. Both offices are facing each other and a row of seats are outside.
  8. Go to the Cashier, (Left side office) pay 240/- AED. – This will take less than 5 minutes if there is no line.
  9. Next, ask the people sitting outside if there is a queue before going directly to the Encoding Office (Right side). Sit and wait fir ur turn, someone from the office will call out people to take the seats inside.There’s a longer queue inside. This will take around 1-1.5 hour(s).
  10. Encoding includes taking your bio-metrics (right & left thumb and index finger prints) and your photo. + signature (2 times) to confirm that the data encoded are correct.
  11. The officer will then advise you when to take the new passport. More or less 4-8 weeks from application. No need to call the consulate, stay updated from the website:

Step 3 – Collection

< I will update this post once I get my passport. >


Just like in Abu Dhabi – there is no reception. No one (An officer) to ask for directions. I was in the first villa on the right and I only asked a fellow Kabayan who is also applying for OEC and other docs.
SUGGESTION: Please add a reception in both villas to guide first timers. Hello, hello Dubai PCG! 👋👋👋

Over-all, I’d suggest allotting at least 4-5 hours depending on your travel time. Processing will take 2-3 hours. In fairness it was smooth, although I still see some officers who are short-tempered. Mostly though are friendly and greets us.

Updating you in 4-8 weeks for the collection. :)

God bless.


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