TV Series Review: LOST

TV Series Review | LOST

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It was 2005 when I last found myself crazy on a TV series called ALIAS… this has been my all time favorite that it took me another 5 years to move on & try another series… My family recommended LOST way back 2009 during my First vacation home… I spent the whole 2009-2010 with only 2-3 minutes glimpse and let it rested.

Until I was back home again, vacation 2, this time I gave my time to it, played season 1 and found myself suddenly awake in the middle of the night thinking what’s on the island! Ha ha ha.. Now I am hooked!

This entry will be my own review about this series, its pros n cons, the things I understood & the questions I have in mind.

Let me start by praising JJ Abrahams for a job well done. This story way then captured me simply because number one, it came from the same Producer/writer of Alias. He never fails to amaze me with the twists & storylines. And wish I could shake his hand for that! ^^


So here we go:


– PROS –

    • All characters had played well with their roles.
    • I love everyone’s combination especially to the variety of their spoken English language. It allows me (an ESL Teacher) to also learn more. Shall I say I was so at home with Sun & Jin. And in my 2 years here in the gulf Sayed’s familiar too!
    • The area of the whole series is much enjoyable, the stations, the sea, the mountains, it was all fun!
  • I am glad that the series took time or chose to end in a spiritual meaning, somehow with all the amazing things, rules of life & this world; after all it ends up to where we really came from.

– CONS –

  • Just want to comment that part when Desmond went to the Philippines and was looking for a man to help him to let Penny give birth, I think that man isn’t Filipino.. Am I right? Anyone knows here?


  • The whole story didn’t seem to clear up the real experiment of the island, on why Dharma Initiative started. Who really started it? Was it Charles Whitmore? I don’t think he is, since he showed up in the island when he was in his youth & yet the Dharma Initiative was I guess already there. (Forgive me if I miss a part that explains it.. I would be grateful to review it! ^^)


  • The first 4 episodes were still realistic until episode 5 up.

It could have been a long review.. but I guess I lost my track… hihih.. Anyway I just want to say I now have 2nd fave & that’s LOST! ^^


Kudos! Jack & the rest of the LOST cast!!!!



God bless,

JM Kayne




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