Terry Fox Run 2015

Terry Fox Run 2015


Feb 27 2015

It was a beautiful Friday morning… Koko, Nonong & I scheduled for our first 5K run!

So what is this run all about?


Terry Fox is a Canadian cancer patient who ran around Canada to raise awareness about this type of illness. He suffered cancer and eventually died in 1981. His cause didn’t stop as his legacy continue when some other people started his yearly 5K run to raise awareness and funds about the cancer research. In UAE it has been 20 years since they started this event and today after 6 years if being in Abu Dhabi… We decided to join.
A pin given to participants who generously give donations for this cause.


Trio runners…


This is our first 5K run together! :)


How beautiful the morning is, seeing enthusiastic runners.


Hello hello CANADA! :) 




Triple Kokobears… hehehe


Over-all we had fun, seeing a lot of new faces from different parts of the world  – different races that willing to give their own share to the foundation. It was indeed a good experience for me hitting the road – some fats somehow burnt. hehehe :)


For more of his story, check this link here… —> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Fox


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