The Journey to 30

Kayne’s Journey to 30!

Kayne’s Journey to 30!

Did I tell you I am blessed?
  • ·      5:30 am – Alarm!!!
  • ·     6:30 am – Mass – – but I missed it so I just stayed and pray up to 8-8:30 am
  • ·     9:00 – 9:30 am – Breakfast 
  • ·      9:30 – 10:00 am – Opened the mall and waited for the cinema’s first show
  • ·      10:30 – 12:00 noon – Bucket List Movie – Danny Collins… So now I know how it feels to watch a movie alone… and totally alone, owning the whole cinema all by myself!
  • ·     12:38 pm – Go back home and do the first fry of my bagnet.
  • ·      2:12 pm – Off to my pamper day 
  • ·      2:30 pm – Saloon session started
  • ·     6:30 pm – Done with the Saloon and back at home, and prepare the rest of our dinner.
  • ·      7:30 pm – Onward, dinner, chatting with Kokobear, checking your birthday greetings…
*In between these schedules I also had a chat at home with Mamo & Dado!!! 
On Facebook: On Leave for my birthday. smile emoticon 
Today’s #BibleAlive2015 is being THANKFUL! And as I pray I can’t help but praise & glorify God for all his blessings! 
 ☻ They call it “the mandatory birthday selfie of the day! ☺ 
۩۩ – The very first thing – visited the church, prayed and expressed all my gratitude to my creator… I recalled – being in St. Joseph for the first time (on my birthday in 2009) – I was alone and now things have changed… He blessed me so much more than I deserved! Of course I did my rosary to Mary too!
۩۩ – Another stop over to my devotion to the Lady of Lourdes…
Since Jobee is too far! I go to my McDo Big Breakfast!
Fulfilling one on my bucket-list!
Saloon day! Time to pamper thyself… Fix my nails & have my hair done!
Greetings & selfie for the birthday! ha ha ha
* * * 29.05.2015 * * *







Extended Burthday surprise from #HHLOVE
#HHLOVE  you rock!!! Na Surprised ako! 😅
Priceless moment like this makes me feel so high!!! Thank u for the love, special messages, gifts and most of all for the inspiration you have given me! 😍
May the Lord bless us all! Mwahhh xoxo ❤
#JMKaynesExtendedBday #SisMeannsBabyShower #HHLOVEGetTogether #CFFLSFL #SFLAbuDhabi #SFLBestLifeEver #ThankYouLord #ThanksGodForHouseHolds #CommunityLife
I decided for a non-fancy resto dinner and cooked my version of bagnet! In fairness it was swiped out! Adding Kokobear’s fried rice and sauce + my fave original glazed dunot from Krispy kreme!!! Oppppsss with pancit for long life!!! #LiveLoveFood
I don’t know if it is personalised for those who has gmail account that this Google logo comes out during the owners birthday… but on my day – this is Google’s header logo of the day! Hehehe
Thanks GOOGLE for the cakes!!! #AssumingKo :)


 ☀ ☁ 115 + + and counting (plus call, txts and sms)… You guys made my day!!! ☼ ☁ 

THANK YOU for the over flowing greetings of love posted here in facebook, pm, calls and text.

I can’t answer you all one by one but rest assured that your greetings have reached me. For all the well wishers: from the simple HBD to the inspirational quotes and personal (close from the heart) messages – super duper thank you! You all have made this birthday awesome! 

I thank the Lord our God for everything! May we all continue to praise Him throughout our journey!

I love you all!


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