I Live to Fulfill His Call

I Live to Fulfill His Call

I live to INSPIRE

ODW – 17.June.2015-Wednesday (NDC Office)


An avalanche of ideas comes into my head whenever I am asked what I am living for. For a long time I have often believe that I am such a lucky girl to be raised by a good pair of parents, a happy childhood, a completed degree because of the people who supported me all the way and indeed gained my kindergarten dream of becoming a nurturer of minds – a teacher! But I realized, I’m not lucky, I am BLESSED!


Eight years ago I wouldn’t thought of myself being away from home, life in Cebu was good. But a family member offered me and my parent to take a big leap and move to Abu Dhabi. Funny it may seem but at that time, my only intention is to have my passport stamped at least before it expires!  Now being an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) for almost 7 years has shaped my life during my mid 20s and it has never been easy. The rollercoaster ride of being away from home has left me homesick, tired, missing family  – even missing the feel of being in your own house. But I never surrender, I kept holding on to God’s promise in Jeremiah 29:11. Indeed he have made my way straight and led me to the people that I am destined to be with, my community-family and to my better-half! Being overseas and a part of CFFL has led me to the many things that I love to do, it allows me share my skills and keep my passion in teaching, hosting, drawing, dancing and even writing.


As of writing I am 30 and proud.  Proud because I have come a long way, nevertheless I am not taking the credits, not giving the credits to those who back me up either (with respect to all) … But I am giving the full credit to my Lord! As Philippians 4:13 says – “I can do all things through Him who strengthen me”. I live to Fulfill His Call. 


Today as I look back to my first step into this city, my conviction of faith has gone stronger than ever. I hope to influence people in my simple way of expressing and publicly displaying my faith. Encourage, inspire and lead them to His way.  I live to inspire.
#ILiveToInspire #ILiveToFulfillHisCall #IamJMKayne


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