Making a Stand

I am writing this blog to make a stand.

I am writing this blog to show my love.


I am writing this blog not to judge.


I am writing this blog not to discriminate and offend anyone.


I am writing this blog to express what I think is right.


For days now, media and social media is on a silent battle. We see people changing their profile pictures into rainbows, other into their wedding photo; others are red and a cross.


Some of us are not vocal enough to exactly say where we stand, maybe because we want to avoid hurting the people we love. Some probably are afraid to be bullied. Others chose to do their fight the silent way. While others took all the guts they have to express if they are pro or anti with the much highlighted issue on the same-sex marriage.


I am against it!


With respect to the LGBT community – I do have friends and family members who are one of them.


I don’t discriminate you, I respect you.


I don’t condemn you, I love you


I totally respect where you stand and though I would like to pull you out from where you are – there is nothing I can do but PRAY. I am with the Pope, that we love the person but not his/her sin.


On this entry, I just want to lay down, why I am against to the law passed in US and other western countries. (Although Philippines – is not directly affected to it – but our society has a great number of LGBTs which definitely celebrate when the bill was passed).


1.      From the begging, God created man & woman (Adam & Eve – in Genesis)


2.      Marriage from its foremost definition is a union between a man and a woman in order to create another human. God’s blessing is to let us go and multiply.


3.      Such that of Sodom & Gomorrah – God wasn’t pleased to the activities in that place and so he showed his wrath. I am not saying that He will do the same. . . Because I know God is a forgiving God. But nevertheless if we are to choose; why be like Sodom & Gomorrah when we can do better?


4.      And finally, God’s commandments were the same before, today and tomorrow.


I am Pro-Life. This is not bigotry, this is just sharing my opinion.


Share you thoughts :)


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