Alma Mater

Reading and singing it on my head reminds me so much of the 4 years that I’ve spent in this school. I credit all I’ve learned about teaching and loving this passion to all teachers/professors, friends and students that I have encountered from 2001 – 2005.
 This is a memory; like that of a familiar scent that brings back beautiful recollections of the college/university life. Indeed beautiful and unforgettable. Like many of us, we somehow kept those stories behind our mind but once reminded by a song, a photo perhaps, our heart jumps in happiness… realizing that somewhere in our past – an encounter like this happened.
Above is the university’s Alma Mater song… I’m not sure if they have changed it to date – but in 2005 this was our theme song!
CNU, Gipalangga ko ikaw!
May we get another encounter again soon!
* * *


Blog post by : JM Kayne

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