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Listening, Reading & Writing (IELTS)


IELTS Listening, Reading & Writing Test

This was scheduled the next day, Saturday.


ü  12 Sept 2015 (Saturday)
ü  8:00 am – 12:00 noon
ü  JM – @ Hilton Hotel Corniche Abu Dhabi (Koko – @ Abu Dhabi University)


I arrived half an hour before 8:00 am, Koko and I took a quick coffee at around 6:50 am till 7:20 am. As I arrived at the hotel, the staff instructed that the test will be on the 1st floor.
I see numerous numbers of people standing, chatting, some reviewing notes. The hall is rapidly filling up. At around 7:45 the crew divided the space for male. We waited almost an hour before being cued for the room assignments. We started at 15 minutes past 9.

Listening came first, followed by Reading and Writing.

Listening requires serious concentration, you may miss the important part. So I tried my best to be focused.

Reading was a long read! Too many information plus a call of nature comes (oopppsss excuse me ;) …) 

Writing finally helped me feel a bit at ease… this is something I get used to do. So  I made up my story . Part 1 a letter to my teacher telling him/her that I am cutting short my class because of moving back to my home country and part 2 was somewhat a  proposal. For me, I guess if you listened during your letter writing classes during Elementary, you will nail it!


God bless!


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