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11 Things to do while waiting for your Flight

11 things to do while waiting for your flight -
So just a week ago, I recently left Cebu to be back to the UAE and yes, you always hear this: “My flight was delayed . . . “ haha . . . . Aaaand no I’m not going to start complaining for this and that.
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Instead, I find this opportunity to actually observe and made this list of 11 Things you can do while waiting for your flight – – – especially if it is delayed. :D


So, let’s do this quickly!


1. Sleep – Duhhh! This is a scene we all see. So catch up some snore moment.


2. Eat – Because you wake up early or late, so you missed to take breakfast, lunch or dinner just to catch your flight but ending in the waiting game because of – – you already know! So go ahead, suit yourself and choose whatever is available in the restaurants at the airport!


3. Wifi/Social Media sessions – Thank God for Airport wifi! Online life continues and your selfie/groupie goes on! And yes, swipe up and down with the Facebook/IG accounts you’re stalking :) ha ha


4. Read a book – Time to add more knowledge and wisdom, reading always helps us build our vocabulary and it brings us to a different time, places, moments, emotions among others depending on the genre of your book. I always have one whenever I travel :). A few of these books are on this list.


5. Listen to a Podcast – If you think reading isn’t your thing, there is an audio book or better yet pick a Podcast show that you’re interested in. Not sure what to listen? Check this 5 Podcast I listened to. Well actually this list is growing, gotta update you with a couple of what I currently love (binge listening it now!) lol.


6. Watch a movie – Download it ahead of time. Airport wifi might not be so friendly because of the volume of users. So keep them handy on your iPads, phones or laptops.


7. Journal – If you are that journal type of person like me, its high time to take that coffee and do some writing. I’ve been writing diaries since high school and stopped when I moved to Abu Dhabi. This year as we move to Dubai, I’d love to catch up with this beautiful hobby.


8. Study – For students or for anyone who might be taking an exam soon, this is the high time to review and add notes or just skim and scan those text books.


9. Observe – I’ve recently read this book from Merlee Cruz-Jayme called Everyone Can be Creative and one creative challenge she mentioned was this: To sit a in a Coffee shop and observe a girl/boy and give them characters. Give her/him a name, guess what his/her job is. What’s their age? Why is s/he in the coffee shop? Is s/he waiting for a friend, a meeting, colleague etc. Describe what do you think s/he is thinking… etc. etc :) This is a bit creepy ~ but this is all only between you and your thoughts/notes for #CreativeExerciseOnly


10. Talk to your family – When I say talk to your family, I mean a family that you are with in this flight. If you’re alone, of course before heading to the airport, most of the time they send us off and so we have those times of saying goodbye and tears and picture taking and others. But here, I mean talk to your companion, talk to your wife/husband, mother, father, brother, sisters. There’s so much to talk about family life and you never know what comes out from this conversations. :)


11. Pray – A lot of people will opt for the above 10 but very few take this bold move. I don’t mean to preach, and saying your prayers out loud. What I mean is to use this time to stay calm, stay in one side and pray the rosary or just simply spend time with God in the silence of your heart.


So, there you go – that’s my top 11 things to do while waiting for your flight!

How about you? What’s your favorite activity while waiting for your plane to take off?




God bless,





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  • Devendra

    I am a frequent traveller and often find myself in this position. I always have a eBook in my mobile. Coupled this with some YouTube sessions this makes a good pass time

  • Susan Peck Life Coach

    These are all great tips! I spend a lot of time in airports waiting for flights, and I think I’ve done all of these at one time or another. I usually load up my satchel with things to pass the time – I always have an ebook going and a few downloaded movies or TV shows and podcasts on my iPad, a blank notebook for notes and journaling, and a magazine or two to read. That airport downtime can be very productive.

  • tachira wiltshire

    I once had the longest layover I swear in life . I appreciate the suggestions because other than read I had no idea what to do with myself . I think if I ever have another long layover I will be well equipped with ways to spend my time .

  • Evelyn Lo Foreman

    Yes!! Sage advice JM. Among them all, seems a fave of ours is to people watch. My hubby and son get a kick out of integrating #9. I just love to watch passerby’s – so fun to marvel at the expression of life that we are given. Xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence


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