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Creative Accountability for JM Kayne #JMTV

POSTED Today || 13 May 2020 (via LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook)


2018 Nov – I’ve announce that I’ll work on #KusinaNiKayne vlogs + #TheCreativePassport online school… and hey… that’s exactly what I’m doing now :)




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Been trying to arrange and organize #JMTV and found this old video (above) way back November 2018 when I practice something I learned from the many creative gurus to do “accountability” by announcing my intention (publicly) or to the universe so that those who follows me (or someone who cares) would probably asks me for updates and get me accountable of whatever project I’d like to do.

Honestly, no one followed up or asks, but somehow the universe have led me to working on #KusinaNiKayne vlogs once the quarantine came. Also as I continue to see many friends starting to grow their Youtube Channel – this curiosity builds up! I’ve been planning to do this vlogging thing since forever, in fact if you’ll see my first channel I’ve been doing it since 2007 or 2008. When I went home in 2018 Jan-May, I convinced my friend Dion to create one and to my surprise after 2 years he has hit his 1000++ subscriber. I believed he’s monitized now! So Congrats DION!!! :)  🎉🎉🎉 – Check out: DionCarlos Pasabta Ko on Youtube.


I’ve tried to start and stop  and start again – – – in between those years and continously brainstorm the content of the channel because – I thought I already have my blog (www.iamjmkayne.com) where I express almost all of what’s #inmyheart . . . Somehow, the one positive thing this ECQ/Stay at Home weeks/months for me (and others) is that it has driven me to that creative zone to which I simply apply – START BEFORE BEING READY!


Creative Accountability applies in 3 ways:
  1. Announcing it publicly so that – friends, families and follows will follow you up.


  1. Join Accountability programs – where you can commit a certain amount to which your money goes once you aren’t able to accomplish the task. There are also Facebook groups that won’t require money, simply another creative who needs an accountability partner. I’ll share that group link / app once I find it.

ACCOUNTABILITY APPS: StickK , Coach.me, Beeminder, and Pact.


  1. Self-Accountability – you make yourself accountable. But hey, don’t be too hard on yourself on this. At times, some endeavors take time – – – just see this example, I posted in Nov 2018 and yet I’m becoming actively doing the vlogging thing just March 2020. Thats 1.4 year later… hehe


Whichever among the 3 you decide to pursue, know that you have the permission to enjoy your creativity. No need to look for approval from others.


To you, creative who is currently reading this, I say – GO, DO creative journey you want to experience now! It’s never too late to pursue that curiosity. Everything you can imagine, you can make it real. – Picasso


Gotta go! I’ll see you here again and or on #JMTV! :)


God bless,






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