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I ♥ CEBU (Vacation Year 2)

This vacation is almost over.
I am happy and I am sad. Both feelings are now mixing here in my mind & heart.


Because I was able to accomplish the list I have made. I was able to meet my GEOS Family, UC friends, UC ESL Pipers, The Angels, Mitch, High School buddies Gemma & Jackie and more. And of course a time with MY FAMILY!

My sincerest apology to my section R Family for not having a time to meet you guys… next year I will try! ^^

Happy because I was able to accomplish the 2 major things I wanted to do for this vacation. That is to get my D-SPED diploma + TOR & to study TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

My D-SPED document processing went very well. Just one day in one click. Not like last year. Then another day to take the documents and mission accomplished!

TEFL was one easy thing, but I realized something… I told myself “so, this is how it feels to be an ESL/EFL student” …kk J

I spent my Lolo’s 88th birthday, Christmas, New Year, Angels Joy & Cathy Oenni’s bday and Sinulog! I thought it was only 3 but a long list of celebration!

Coz I realize a month is too short and that while riding the jeepney I found myself day dreaming… deep thoughts about being home. The different feelings, mood, the different sense of belongingness seems to tell me something…

And it all falls when one early morning; I found my mom on my bed… trying to wake me up, singing a song and in a few seconds started to cry … L  I asked and she said… with a very deep sigh : Haaaaayyy~ another one year TT.TT tears my heart seeing Mama cry. It’s like a part of me wants to stay. I know I can, but I also have to go. Life goes on.

Then I start to think… I hate Goodbyes!!!

But then I know it’s a temporary goodbye, as My Elle says “it’s not Goodbye, it’s see you next year.”

Well …. up to date it is 3 days left and I will be off to my second home, Abu Dhabi again. I am looking forward for the new challenges at work, for the services that God has planned for me this year through my community – CFC-FFL and of course to be back to the arm of my Kokobear! :)

Lord, I rest you all the days of my life this 2011. May you bless me, my family & friends all the way. Amen.

xoxoxo ^^
January 2011
A dinner with my GEOS Angels!

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