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Triangle Diamond & Heart

Triangle Diamond & Heart : A KFL’s Friendship Night

8 Sept. 2011
Hotdogs, Chips, Ice cream, Spaghetti!!! Some of the perks of joining this activity seemed to be so interesting for the kids!
13 KFL, 7 boys & 6 girls joined together in this 2nd time event for a sleep over!

Although quiet a while these group of kids have known each other, this night allows them to demonstrate their affection to their friends, and have shown it in a special way. Let me tell you how, in a while…
The night starts with teaching of action songs; (SFL) Tito Pong played the guitar & practiced 2 songs while Sister Lou guided them with the lyrics & steps. They sang & danced willingly without hesitation, they simply enjoyed.
Activity proper was spearheaded by SFL Brother Darrelle, a short film about Training a Dragon was played & afterwards they were asked to share what have they seen & learned from that clip.


Different opinion arise . . .

“Friends are helpful, playful & like a brother” – Maynard shares.

“Tito , a friend is nice & good, di laging nang-aaway” Yanna added.
Further descriptions come along & each of them has agreed to the statements.
A grouping was done for the kids to list down the qualities they would like their friends to have, each group was initiated with 1 SFL Tita/Tito; Sis JM with Group 1, Bro. Pong with Group 2 & Sis Sasa with Group 3.
Each group chose a representative to share in front what traits have they come up to be an ideal friend; Joyce for Group 1, Maynard for Group 2 & Jon for Group 3.
Positive attitudes like; respectful, patient, honest, gentle, thoughtful, respect & love his/her parents, does not bully, understanding, always listen & keeps secret, kind, unselfish, concerned & a whole lot more tops the list.

Triangle, Diamond & A Heart.

These 3 shapes represent how they feel about their friends. The kids were asked to write a name & a short note to their friends with each shape as:
  • Triangle – Sorry – for the things he/she have done.
  • Diamond – A way of telling a friend, that I would like to know you more & be closer.
  • Heart – A Thank you note.
At first they were hesitant, afraid to show their true feelings, but then after a while, you know that they were very sincere with how they feel. This is how they express their love to their friends.
One particular part was when Jon wrote a sorry letter to his older brother Maynard, he was then cheered up by everyone around to hug the older brother, he was shy, but the kind older brother was sweet enough to do the action first & to hug Jon :).
Engrossed & Interested!
Maynard blessed the food.


Prayer Time.


          Guiding a Lost Friend Activity.

More activities side by side; how they make friends, drawing their best friend, guiding a lost friend & recognizing their friends by the voice; Jesus and Lazarus’ story was played in the last session, a short movie on how much a true friend could give to show his love and faithfulness.
The night was filled with laughter & fun that has made the kids value friendship. This is such a rewarding feeling for the SFL to serve these kids. A night of learning not just for them but also for us! 

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