ODW: 15th Sept. 2011 (ETSDC, Abu Dhabi UAE)

Few years back, I have read this Psychology book that says, be open about your dreams, write them down, say it aloud, tell the people about it, make a list & put it on your room (wall) , so when you wake up in the morning or before you sleep it would remind you of the beautiful future ahead.

Then I have read Bo Sanchez’s book about writing a DREAM BOOK… this reconfirms it’s effectiveness, so this time I’m adding it on this blog!

Here are some of the things that I have…

Note: This is a never ending list, will edit this blog every now & then! ^^  (Oppsss! In random list but the first one is a priority!) 

  • Spiritually Healthy!!! Serve CFC-FFL all the way. Lord please give me the grace for this, I pray in Jesus name! Amen~ …. Of course Physically healthy too.. diet diet diet! Har har har
  • Publish a book – A novel or a collection of the articles that I made.
  • Be a TV Host – Wanna be on TV for any talk show/ reality show.
  • Have a nice house (Dream House) – House + lot of course! Heheheh in a place peaceful, simple. & full of love!
  • Own a business (Chain of businesses) – Would love to have the Coffeshop or the Paint shop. And many more…
  • Good relationship with the Family – Stronger than ever in God’s guidance!
  • Live/visit US, Canada, UK, Paris, Switzerland etc – Actually tour the world!
  • Serve the people – like have a building for the poor, it was my dream since High school. Hope God will provide.
  • Marry the man I love & have a lovely family! – Kokobear! I Hope! ♥
  • Meet the Spice Girls, Leah Salonga, Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales, Jen Garner, Boy band Blue, Carlo Aquino…  etc. in person!
  • A chance to perform like having my own concert! Hmm singing career in short! Kkk ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫
  • Be a SPEECH Instructor in a big university or an approved Female Instructor for Offshore Survival.

As of now in UAE, work in a government company/International Company that is stable & have my own flat! 

As Walt Disney said; A dream is a wish our heart makes~

To dream is for free so grab it all!
It’s me,

Julie Mae ^^

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