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PANAY (Capiz)


So the wedding bells have been wrapped up and The Kokobears are off to our round 2 reception at Roxas City. The schedule was a real deal hectic one. Earlier we were in Oslob, the next were in Mactan and this time we’re visiting the world’s biggest bell (still working up to date) in PANAY!
Just a few minutes from Roxas City is the beautiful & enchanting church of Panay. Darrelle (not used to have his first name J ) took me there by a motorcycle. Oh! Something new I discovered about my husband! A joy ride of around 20-30 minutes, seeing the vast wet lands of Roxas that used to be fish ponds ( a lot still exist though, after all they are the Seafood Capital of PH J )  turned into some rice fields, green scenery of trees, grass and a lot more has freshen up my eyes and took away the busy streets of Cebu & Abu Dhabi. A province mood has come into my senses, the fresh air, the deafening sound of calmness & peace revives my soul! (oooopppppsss going poetic now!) So after that short ride, here comes a stunning, old church in front of us, the sun strikes hard at that time but it didn’t stop me from taking the photos! Here they go!

*Panay Church (Sta. Monica Church) Built on 1581.


The National Historical Institute in its Resolution No. 3, series of 1997, declared the Sta. Monica Parish Church as a Historical Landmark.


*The Big Bell – Opppsss not the original yet. This is just a dummy bell that could be found on the ground of the church… The real one? Is up in the bell tower, where you have to take 61 steps.


* “Dakong Lingganay”(meaning “Big Bell”), it was made from seventy(70) Sack of coins donated by the townpeople and measures seven(7) feet in diameter, five(5) feet in height with a weight of 10.400 kilograms. It carries a meaningful inscription which mean “Soy la vos de Dios que llevarey ensalzare desde el principio hasta fin de este Pueblo de Panay para que los fieles de Jesus vengan a esta casa de Dios a recibir las gracias celestiales” (meaning ” I am God’s voice which shall echo and praise from one end to the other of the town of Panay, so that the faithful followers of Christ may come to this house of God to receive the heavently graces.”).


*Museo De Santa Monica . We miss to see what’s inside because at that moment, it was under construction.


Church Backyard. Such a wonderful view to see this old structure being kept to how it looks like way back then, with the green grass adding beauty
Fuente De Vida. This is the wishing well on the right side of the church, though it go affected with the thypoon, it stands still & shows its attractiveness.


The other bells. In the middle of Dakong Lingganay are more bells that are up to date still working & are being used during masses. Up there in the bell tower you will have a good view of Panay! Its horizon such a beauty!


Altar, Church door, pews & carving… History has been kept and its always great to be able to travel back in time with the help of our churches.
So this has been Kayne’s Wanderlust! #TheKokobearsTravel :)
God bless!

JM Kayne




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