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Our MAY 2024 Stories | BNK | #ByaheNgKokobears

Hello Creatives,


This blog post is a quick one, it is only a recap of the all video stories that happened this May. If you have been following me,  you’d probably know that MAY is a very special month for me and Kokobear. It is our anniversary and birthday month! Here’s the vlog I made on this day!


🙏 The month started with our MFC Dubai’s Section GA.


🚎 Celebrating our new car Fudgee Bar – we had an unplanned trip on a Sunday.

We had mass, lunch in Umm Al Quwain and a beach trip to RAK! :)


💚 Hope JD’s 10th Anniversary

We had dinner for our anniversary and Kokobear surprised me with this big bouquet of flower!!!


🎂 My 2024 Birthday Celebration

Mass, Breakfast, Massage, bidding goodbye to Dora and dinner :)


🎂 Kokobear’s Birthday Celebration

Mass, Breakfast, Dubai Mall tour, Burj Khalifa At the Top, Late Lunch & Dinner.

<Kokobear’s Birthday Vlog – Coming Up Soon>


In the tapestry of time, MAY filled its vibrant threads, weaving moments of gratitude for the gift of life and marriage anniversary celebration. With each sunrise, it whispered promises of new beginnings, igniting hearts with hope and gratitude. God’s grace and love can be found in the the simple joys of existence, embracing each moment as a precious gift. From birthdays to community activities, to anniversaries, May adorned our lives with moments of joy and significance, reminding us to cherish the beauty of human connection and the blessings of existence. As the month bids farewell, we carry with us the memories of laughter, love, and gratitude, etching them into the tapestry of our lives with profound appreciation.



Thank you so much for visiting my blog & vlog Creatives!
Remember, amping ug ampo!
God bless!



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