Getting to know a Saint : ST. AUREA

Another 3rd Week has come – this August All Sistars were assigned to “GET TO KNOW A SAINT”. I was given St. Aurea. As I Goggled – I found various versions of St. Aurea I guess there are around 3-4 of them. 

But I decided to choose St. Aurea of Ostia. 

Ostia is a seaport in Rome, Italy. It is a diocese of Rome whose St. is St. Aurea. The below photo is a façade of its Church.


Present Day Church 

An insufficient information were noted about this Saint. What has been know is that Aurea (or Chrysse) meaning “Golden Girl” was a part of a noble blood family in Rome in 270 AD. Because of her faith she was put into exile from mainland Rome to Ostia.


A Painting of St. Aurea

In her presence there, it is believed that she had done miracles such as:

  • Being able to loosen a Christian prisoner’s chains after their encounter. 
  • With this occurrence – she was able to convert 17 prisoners to the Christian faith that has been beheaded later because of their conversion. 
  • And another story was shared that Aurea was able to bring back to life a son of a shoemaker. 

With these accounts, although during that century, the Church hasn’t set the official requirements in canonization of Saint – these were the considered reasons of her Sainthood.

Finally, like any other saints, Aurea died a martyr – as she was forced to renounce her Christian faith and give praise to the Roman gods, but she declined.

Therefore she was dragged to her death; thrown to the sea with a millstone on her head.


This is a painting by Andrea Sacchi – that can be found in the altar of the church.

St. Aurea’s feast is every 24th August and 20th May. 

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