Last July (2014) – All Sistars went for a joint Household & our topic was about The Women from the Bible. 19 sisters gathered & presented one by one the assigned or the chosen WOMAN. 

Here are the list of names & its major characteristic that has been influential to their faith to God.

1. Shunamite girl – compassionate 
2. Rebekah/Rebecca – brave and resourceful young woman 
3. Tabitha – generous 4. Samaritan Woman – willingness 
5. Abigail – generous/faithful 
6. Hannah – Woman of prayer 
7. Rachel – praying & waiting 
8. Huldah – Hope 
9. Sarah – faithful 
10. Ruth – loyal, obedient 
11. Deborah – obedient/strength 
12. Mary – trust/obedience/courage 
13. Esther – courage/selflessness 
14. Priscilla – hospitable/being one with the Lord (w/ Akillah) martyrdom 
15. Elizabeth – faithful 16. Martha – hospitable/faith 
17. Tamar – brave/ claim for the right 
18. Rahab – brave/courage/love 
19. Phoebe – kindness 

Among this list, I have chosen,   HULDAH and on this blog entry I would like to introduce her in my own simple way. With the intention of getting to know a new character from the bible & making her known to my fellow sisters, I see to it that I make a presentation about her. The key factors about her are as follows: 



  • The Woman Who Unveiled the Future of a Nation 
  • Of the seven prophetesses (Sarah, Chana, Dvorah, Miriam, Esther, Avigail and Hulda) 
  • Details about her can be found on : 2 Kings 22:13-20, 2 Chronicles 34:22-28 
  • She was the wife of Shallum,), keeper of the wardrobe. 
  • After Shallum is brought back, he and Hulda are blessed with a son, Chanamel. The name Chanamel implies “favor” (“Chen” in Hebrew) in God’s eyes. 
  • She lived in Jerusalem, in the Second District. 
  • Huldah was a relative of Jeremiah; While Jeremiah admonished and preached repentance to the men, she did the same to the women (Pesiḳ. R. 26 [ed. Friedmann, p. 129]). Huldah was not only a prophet, but taught publicly in the school (Targ. to 2 Kings 22:14), according to some teaching especially the oral doctrine. · as an authoritative person, one who made a claim, recognized by the king, the high priest and the secretary of state as a legitimate claim, to speak for the Lord God of Israel. 
  • Hulda was a woman of great faith, moral character and broad Torah knowledge. 
  • The book that Huldah authenticated – Modern critical scholars [who?] suggest that the book of the law was most likely Deuteronomy 

What is Huldah’s legacy? 

If her legacy was great in the modern church I would not have titled my presentation “Huldah Who? The Forgotten Story of a Female Prophet.” The prophetess Huldah had an important share in the great spiritual revival of the Jewish people under the reign of King Josiah, through her prophecy and influence. 

On this day, I have learned more figures in the bible & has affirmed that although we “empower” the men – women also have their own share in God’s Vineyard! 
I am commending all the women in our Church (nuns/sisters) and my fellow Sisters in CFC-FFL (CFFL) and to the rest of the Christian communities that have done their own share in fulfilling God’s purpose  and mission!

May God be praised!

Here is a photo of me, presenting about HULDAH :)

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