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Today I cried… my heart out!
Opppsss.. don’t get me wrong. I cried my heart out because – I am being soooooo blessed by God.
A whole week of hectic schedule, stressful tasks of the office. Short convo with family. Limited bonding with Kokobear because of the many tasks that God has given me. 
Today I hosted Mission Weekend’s Bond of Sisters. Running, coordinating, taking photos & videos, greeting old, unfamiliar and new faces of the community. The glow in the venue exudes as we all flash our smiles to each other.  The crowd was fun and cooperative. Such a light tone of teaching. Fashion Show kicks off right after the prayer. The sisters have gone crazily happy and amazed with our 12 sisters from Northern & Southern Emirates. I honor them all & to everyone who made the whole MW a success. (you know who you are!)
Tita Elaine opened her 1st talk by Empowering all of us as a Saint, A Witness, A Marytr & a Warrior.

Here comes Minefield game. Overcoming obstacles and with a lesson that alone time requires listening time to what God has to say. 
In between breaks… and we had our tummy seriously full. God’s blessing of food was overflowing. E-Photobooth was a blockbuster… the sisters had their glam & gorgeous moment; wacky pose will never be out! But – when lunch was served? – Well~ there goes the “mega” blockbuster!
Afternoon session with Balloon Walk activity – we learned about Community life, about the communication, about leaning on to others, about UNITY.
Then, that 10 things What Men Wishes Women Knew.  Everyone has their own take of each point and for sure everyone somehow learned from CFL to HFL & SFL as well.
I was amazed to see an all girl band doing their share in music, the Music Min lead the way  with the 5 sets of praise & worship songs! What caught my heart was my ever favorite song, Thank You Lord! Every time I sing it, it brings me to that mode of being in front of God. I tried to stop, I tried to control but my tears just simply fall. These are tears of JOY! Not Happiness, but JOY! An unexplainable emotion. It makes me think, that when Tita Elaine talks about that nega built in emotion, there is also that POSITIVE built in emotion of just BEING GRATEFUL! 
So I grabbed Macmac and let my mind and thoughts flow as I write this blog. I don’t want to let go of what has been stored on my mind and in my heart. 
I am BLESSED and I would like to share this!
Thank You Lord!


Hosted today’s #CFFLBondOfSisters for this year’s#MissionWeekend.
Lord, you have blessed me soooo much today!!! #ThankYouLord! I just wanna
Thank you Lord…
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 — at City Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi.

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