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A quick one…

It’s simple way of saying THANK YOU to the country that has helped me and my family through the years.

Tomorrow, UAE is commemorating its 49th National Day – and this is my 13th year celebrating it with this beautiful country!


I wanted to be a little poetic on this entry  😊


* * *


Un-ending grateful heart there is
Amidst all the things you’ve given me to be at ease
Every single year – you’ve been a blessing, #inmyheart I’ve been singing.


Armed with innovation – you’ve grown as a great nation!
Now at your 49 – you never left us behind.
Dubai becomes a second home, Abu Dhabi is still at heart. While you keep going being smart!


Memories pile up, other Emirates has kept up
Engaging steps made, and these will never fade.





Happy 49th NATIONAL DAY UAE! ❤


God bless your people and the leaders of the nation!


Your resident for 13 years,






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