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Mangrove Kayaking


Here are some photos of our Pre-Wedding anniversary activity on 15 May 2015.
Read on and find the details after the pictures.
     Kayak in rows – ready for the adventure
Registrations starts here. Since its a group activity, you will be with other people that may also be a first timer like us! :)
Getting ready as we put the Lifejacket on!
On board
Location : E10:48 Road (near Eastern Mangrove hotel)
Company Name : NOUKHADA Adventures Company 
Contact number : 050-7218928
Registration is 150 AED per person (single or double kayak)
Booking starts at 7:00 am onwards.
For every group, 2 crews are assisting the team for safety and assitance :)
Taxi will cost around 25 AED one way. Bus is also available.
The whole journey will be around 2 hours… few minutes break in the middle of the journey where you could actually take a dip on the beach!
And the rest are up to you to experience! For more questions, feel free to ask. :)
JM Kayne

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