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My Paradise


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My Paradise


ODW – September 2005


Lawaan National HighSchool – Lawaan Talisay-Cebu City

* * * * *

Alone, far from the façade of my paradise.


Paradise of dreams to which some I have conquered.


Some, I’ve left behind,


And some, still hang all my desires.



Will I be staying away from there forever?


My mind has been restless


Everything comes to my senses


Holding and haunting me.



Missing the laughter we used to share


Reminiscing the moments


Wishing and hoping for a past pace of events


So I could go back



See old faces of my place


Hear the harmony of such haven


Feel the same ambiance


I can’t wait no longer


I’m missing my paradise


May the days and nights come


So I could go back.




This is how I felt while doing my practicum at Lawaan NHS

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