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POEA Online – Balik Manggagawa Online Processing System
 We’re going home! !!
Among the many hassles we Filipinos go through… (OFW to be specific) is the yearly visit to the embassy/consulate (if you could take a leave yearly) and get the so called OEC.
OEC is – Overseas Employment Certificate.
For the past 6 years, I often just show up to the embassy- fall in line and wait until my turn to present the required documents, pay for Pag-ibig, OWWA and others… but this year the embassy (in UAE) has started doing online appointment by visiting the website: http://bmonline.poea.gov.ph/
So, for those who plan to go on vacation, here is a step-by step guide to create your online profile (pretty much facebook/email account actually but a bit personal) and schedule an appointment to collect your OEC and avoid the long queues.
Disclaimer: As of writing this blog, I have not taken my OEC yet – I am scheduled on 25th Nov and by that time, I will observe if the appointment schedule system will make things easier and smoother than the normal long queues. Wish me luck! (published-16Nov2015)
Medyo mahaba so I decided to create a separate blog –
Visit the website and create  your profile. Fill the data required as New User.


If already registered, just log-in with your email and password.
Add profile photo (it is required) then add your own choice of cover photo (pretty much like fb :) )
Fill Item no. 1 – Personal details then save.

Note: Some browsers don’t support photo uploads, so if you are having trouble, try to use other browers as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.


Continue filling item no. 2 – Contact particulars.
Note : * means madatory so you have to add them in order to proceed.


Item no. 3 – Beneficiaries… Save then press next step.
It will show you this pop-up, add your travel date.


Select Middle East Location, then Abu Dhabi / Dubai depending on which Emirate you belong.
Press Next.
Choose your preferred schedule. Double click the desired timing and another pop-up will show you the details for you to review and confirm.

Then an email will be sent to you with the requirements.

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ADDITIONAL INPUT Added, after Kokobear’s experience today… (23/11/2015)


 Upon receiving your confirmation email, click the link on that email & log-in back to your account, click “MY TRANSACTIONS” and it will show you this photo. Click Print Info Sheet 


This page will then open in a new tab – will show your full details.
Print this one as your Official appointment.

You will also be required to bring a copy of your Flight schedule/booking.
I have created a 2016 update of this blog – Currently completing the blog post OEC 2.0 soon.

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