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I don’t know if it is because I am sick (cough, runny nose, dry throat etc.) because of the change weather or it’s because this is just where I am right now. I remember a friend who once said, in life we go up and down and when we are the bottom we don’t give up. Instead, we stay and feel the moment because nothing is temporary. Someday, one day the bottom has nowhere else to go but to return back up!
So here I am finding solace to the fact that I could actually express the feelings through writing and as I have keep holding on to God’s promise:
Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest, says the Lord.
Allow me to say,
Pain demands to be felt.
Today, I feel pain.
I feel like its heavy physically & mentally.
A warm day makes me feel down,
Cool breeze makes me frown.
Counting days for a beautiful month
Excited inside but it appears to be drought
Are they gone?
The amity, the passion, the intensity
Have I lost it?
Or did the world toss this challenge on  
Been trying to swim into the lake
Effort less make
Where am I?
I am walking on the field…
I see the horizon, a never ending horizon
I see weeds, wildflowers and grasses
I feel being dropped in nowhere
I need to see the light
For me to go on with the fight
I call upon the name of the Lord
May His grace be on me as I hold
I call to Mary
That the rosary will give glory
I pray to all the angels and saints
May the good spirit I shall paint
Blog post by : JM Kayne

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