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Maldives: Male

Day 4 – Male

Male is the capital of Maldives – it is 15 minutes away from the man-made island that we landed called Hulhumale.

For day 4 – we decided to explore the small city & see for our self the description of the local that it is a crowded city. Indeed it was! Not with people I guess during our time because it was a holiday, but crowded because of the motorcycle!!! You couldn’t imagine the massive number of motorcycles around the city! I guess each person is having one.

We visited the old mosque and tombs, the first presidential palace and few more tourists are such as the souvenir shops. For me it was a short trip – even just half a day. The museum was closed! L
Lunch was on a familiar palate – Thai food – an eat all you can at Lemon grass!
* * *
For this trip we paid 10 USD per person (+ tip) for the tour guide who happens to be a local (Maldivian) and the Asst. Hotel Manager of Eve names Moulluo. (Not sure of his name’s spelling). He was helpful explained much about history and basic culture ideas.
 We headed back to Hulhumale in no time. Stayed back to the hotel and rested until 8 pm for our flight back to Dubai.
5th& final post is  Hulhumale itself, our hotel and more!

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