The Appointment Experience (OEC)

The Appointment Experience: 25 | Nov | 2015 – Wednesday.

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I arrived early, 45 minutes before my schedule. As I enter the OWWA Office (This is the one on the right villa side). There are 2 tents, 1 with fellow Filipinos waiting and the other one with Embassy staff processing something… (Something without note that this is for PAG-IBIG or for WHAT).


So I asked one of the Kabayan and she said go to the counter on the second tent. A table/counter with 3 embassy staff is assigned – they process the Pag-Ibig payment but before that ask first for the OWWA form (OFW Information Sheet) – fill it up. (Photo below).

Submit it to the first lady to validate it and she will forward it to the lady next to her. (3rdlady does the same tasks) – That means 2 can process them (a bit faster process indeed). Lucky for me this time – there is not much queue.

Step 1 – Pag-Ibig

First lady validated, asked some questions and suggested to update my Pag-Ibig status and change family name since I am now married. Forwarded to the 2ndlady who takes the payment. Minimum is for 20 AED + a minimal charge. I paid for 2 months that costs me 43 AED. She gave the receipt and let me proceed inside the OWWA Office itself.


Step 2 is for OWWA Payment.

As I enter the villa there are 2 sides, left side if for the contract verification (This is for those first timer, you have to give the original + copy of your contract & they will validate it). As for me I am with the same company so there is no need.

I proceed to the right side (It has a note as: Step 2 – OWWA). Queue is short, there were 2-3 ahead of me, I prepared the OWWA Form & my passport + the appointment paper & attachment.

I gave it to the lady, she took my passport, check its back side to know if I still have valid OWWA payment – but I told her that I have already consumed the 2 years. So she took my form, signed and stamped the passport. Then I paid 92 AED.

Step 3 – OEC

Right beside OWWA Counter is the OEC – In fairness their PCs do have note (OWWA – 92 | OEC 10).
I gave my appointment booking @ 4:00 pm (it was around 3:45 – 15 minutes early – but the process goes a bit faster since no one is on the line). She asked me to sign the appointment booking form, took my passport and started typing. Side comment: Wala man lang good afternoon or Hi Maam? Parang makina eh, nag greet naman ako… – anyway mabilis naman so ok lang).

I noticed she didn’t even ask me the list of documents they put on the confirmation email. (Side comment: That somehow irritates me, because I have been stressed finding my contract and in the end – it was not asked!)  

Even the ticket and my passport + visa copies were not checked! – But I have stapled them all at once with the Appointment in front page!

Signed & stamped the appointment form, dropped it to her file and printed the OEC. I paid 10 AED. And I’m off!
All steps completed in less than 20-25 minutes (I guess)… Faster than the normal – but I am not sure if it happens all the time.  To be fair, since I usually complain about the embassy – this time I am giving them 7 out of 10 for the service rendered.
Way to go AUH Embassy!
A smoother and easiear process + approachable staff next time :) please.
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