Handwritten Epistles

Handwritten Epistles


I had an opportunity to review and re-read the handwritten letters I used to receive during High School, College, UC & GEOS days… (When technology was not at its peak yet). No! They aren’t love letters; they were letters from people close to my heart. ❤ :)


One by one I look at the envelopes and identify right away who were these bunches of friends who somehow spent some of their precious time writing epistles for me! I was eager to jump from one letter to the other as my mind rushes to the moments when I received them and associate the stories to the shared encounter I had with these fellas.


I will be sharing in this post some of the fond memories captured from those letters. I won’t be mentioning names but if you think you are one of the sender feel free to drop a comment of any kind. :)


Letter no. 1.

So I had this red letter during college – in our major class wherein every classmate is entitled to comment about your personality both positive and negative; a comment about my hair back then – – – made me crack! :), also humbling remarks about my hosting skills and friendship bond were the highlights!


Letter no. 2.

Few precious friends who said that we are apart now but we will never be separated from the heart.


Letter no. 3.

A hosting partner who said sorry for missing one event and told me that he’s disappointed because I seem to make revenge (during another show)… Hehehe when you read this for sure you will know it’s you! (Pero wa ko kahinumdom nga ni bawos ko ug “no show”)… It was a fun memory!


Letter no. 4.

A close friend (group-mate) whom I really looked up to  told me to harness my skills because it is meant for me. And the same person who drifted apart from me or from the group but has kept all her letters: saying that she never changed even if she’s not with us.


Letter no. 5.

A High school friend who didn’t become my classmate in our last 2 years… She wrote, “I hope friends lang gihapon ta bisan dili na ta classmate… Hehehe this letter is corny…” (Oiii ni smile J cya)


Letter no. 6. 

A friend who shares with me my JCS/G-mik craze!!!


Letter no. 7.

Finally, to the 2 persons who writes me letters every now and then (1 from HS & 1 from college)… You made my box full! I miss you both! Mwahhh


There are more, but can’t share them all of course!

* * * * * * * *

Disclaimer: I don’t intend to bring up the past (esp. those that didn’t went so well…) I’m writing this post just simply to recall the good old days. :)


That indeed handwritten epistles are invaluable! I’m sure you have yours too!

Share you thoughts :)


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