Hello 2016!

I am so back at work and all I say is Hello 2016!

I left my whole being in the Philippines. A month long vacation with loads of adventures still lingers on my head. It has only been 3 days and today is my first day at work. My Facebook wall has been flooding with New Year’s greetings and resolutions and I couldn’t compose a well-versed and meaningful status to share with family, friends, acquaintances on Facebook because I just can’t. My mind is still somewhere else, even upon writing this!


But let me keep this short, attached to this short note are my 30-31 December 2015 photos (with Kokobear of course) before leaving Philippines back to Abu Dhabi. A bittersweet experience or shall I say one of the hardest moment an OFW feels every time “it’s over” (vacation is up).


This year I am for a healthier life. Losing weight is on my personal list of resolutions and hopefully be able to maintain it, also aiming for a closer relationship with the Creator. Finally I also look forward to God’s big YES for the desires of my heart!


Let go of the Old.
Get hold of the new.
And believe that this year will be the best year yet!


Hello there 2016!
Expect December 2015 vacation blogs very soon.
* * * * * * * * * *

Here are 30-31 December 2015 photos.

I woke up early morning on the 30th and make sure to capture this veranda that I will miss for another year again.
Koko and I in Mactan Cebu airport, sending a pic to Mamo and Dado + Pipers chatroom :)
Kokobear and our coffee while waiting for our Manila-Dubai flight.


Our photo entry for Smile Magazine’s Next stop


Quezon Memorial circle from above.
Few minutes after manila view is this sea of clouds… and eventually arrive back to our second home.

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