Mamo & Dado @ 31

My 100th Blogpost will be a special post for my very own parents. Let me share you some of my fond memories with them as a tribute to this 2 awesome people of my life.

They got married on this day, 31st Jan – 31 years ago, that was 1985. They met in one of the department store where they used to work. As years goes by they had me on their first year and followed by my brother – Glendann (Dan-Dan or Don Pasio) in 1987. I believe it was their choice to only have the 2 of us. Two, I guess is a good number to raise children and of course for education and other matters.
Often times I hear neighbors or even family members saying that both of them are strict. In fact I do have curfew, my class schedule is monitored and posted on our wall. We also need to be home at night not later than 6:30 pm. There is a strict rule to ask permission in case we would want to go outside for some fiesta events nearby.
Along those years, I have once entertained that idea that they were strict, I start to look at other kids and see their freedom. I pity myself. But that day was covered with the other events that happened as the years gone by. This bible passage was written (in a chalk by Dado) at the back of our door; that captured my heart and mind at that young age. I may not fully understand that by then but up to date I have appreciated that much!
Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it.
My brother and I have completed college with their efforts and with the very great help of our sari-sari store (J&G Store) and some family members who assisted us.
Of course we had our ups and downs as a family, me as a daughter and my bro as a son. Nonetheless by God’s grace we managed to overcome all these.
As we celebrate their 31 years of love and unity – I am so proud to tell the world that I am the daughter of Mr. Glenn Dacalos Bacus and Mrs. Julita Hortelano Bacus, also known as Mamo & Dado!
To close this blog, here is my greeting to the two of them, posted earlier today on my IG/Facebook account.
31 blessed years!!! Cheers to 🍾🍻🍸🎉 to the people behind our (Dan-Dan & me ) growth & success! I THANK The Almighty God for such wonderful gift He bestowed upon us,,, for giving both of you to be our parents. People often think you two are strict but now they know why the need to be one during our younger years…. The fruit of your labour has paid off and here we are today. I would like you to know that if you are proud of me and Dan-Dan, we are more proud of you as our parents. Stand and keep your heads up 👍🏼! I love you soooo much! I miss you too!!! HAPPY 31st ANNIVERSARY!!! Enjoy ur day! Mwahhh 😘😘 xoxo #MamoAndDado #TheBelts #Happy31Years
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