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Blessing in Disguise

Majority of you will not read this post.

So, I’m using all my courage to actually share this part of my story.

Apparently, this has been published earlier in the St. Mary’s Filcom FB page. Took me almost 2 years to complete the write up… tried my best to finish it before the submission for the Sto. Niño Feast 2020.

Today, 2 years ago – my life changed.






I was on my annual leave to enjoy home but ended up hearing my doctor that I should consider a surgery on our first meeting.

My world turns from a happy vacation to a scary one. I was diagnosed with a lump on my throat. The left has a size of an egg while the right has a small mongo size that happens to be with a tumor. Right after the appointment I run to the church that I usually go since college. Poured out my heart, cried and somehow asked why me.

My 1-month vacation became 5 months. In a few months I was in denial and didn’t meet my endocrinologist. One day while hearing the radio, I heard a faith healer is in town so a thought of going – although I was still hesitant.

One night I dreamt of going to his place, but when I enter the house – that looks like a nipa hut one the lady gave me a small child. I carried the child and, on my mind, – I though, I’m not here to baby sit – I’m here to meet the healer. I realize then that maybe this child is the one – so I quickly composed myself and as I was about to tell which part of my body needed healing… the child touched my lips like telling me shhhhh. Then the child’s hand goes down to my neck, to my throat and even without searching it – touch the big lump and pressed that it burst! And then I woke up!

The dream gave me the courage to go and see the healer. The queue was long, the gym was full-packed, and it took time, but when it was my turn, he (the healer) – he started touching my head with a prayer and touched my neck to the throat and directly to my lump.

Just like what happened in my dreams.

I closed my eyes and felt God’s presence. I feel like I elevated. And there is nothing on my whole being – but I know I was touched by God! At that point, I just simply burst into tears!


While all of these are happening in Cebu during January, my husband was also busy with our community activities and on the same day of my dream, he was in St. Mary’s Church for our Annual Sto. Nino Festival.

Coincidence? No – I know it was God’s leading.

When I tried to recall – if the child was a boy or a girl, I couldn’t figure it out. All I remember is that the child looks like a girl with a curly hair; and then made me realize it was the Sto. Nino!

My thyroid lump didn’t magically disappear. But my encounter with God and Sto. Nino was a humongous faith booster. I had the courage to go back to my doctor and receive the affirmation that it is okay to get the surgery, because He will be there. He will provide.

The scar on my neck represents a reminder of God’s blessing in disguise.


It took me two years + to finally be able to complete writing this.


God bless,






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