Book Review : Dear Alex

This is awkward… But I just wanna share it.. hehehe :D
Finally! Done reading Dear Alex,


That is really my final say after a year of on-off reading. Not because I didn’t find it interesting, but just because I get caught up with so many things. But this time, alas! I have done reading it!
So here is my take on this book, to be honest, I am not a fan. I am her sister’s fan – Toni Gonzaga – is one of my favorite hosts and since she (Toni) promotes her sister’s book, I became curious about what’s inside and I expected it to have some scriptures given that they both are Christians.
Without luck of getting a copy of it here in UAE, I requested Kokobear to ask Nonong (his brother) to bring and get me one once he comes here in Abu Dhabi. Nonong & Gretchen (his gf) found it somewhere in Manila – where it was almost out of stocks! So I am really grateful to these two! :)
* * * * * * * *
Let me say that this book somehow made me recall some of the things I did because I have loved someone. I mean everyone does!  Alex narrated some of her love life encounters: the lessons, heartache, and survival tips.

She also collected some other stories of her friends having gone through those heartbreaks.
True to her onscreen image; even in this book, you could see or imagine her kikay/kulit moves while expressing an opinion in this write-up. She articulated her stories in candid ways that make every reader smile in between and relates more with her. The delivery is just as if she is speaking in front of you.

What made me love this book is the final part of it. I won’t give you spoilers on it – for those who didn’t read yet. But for those who finished, I like that page when she said:
“You have the choice to continue reading or not…”

This is her break-up survival guide. It is a good read for everyone – single (by choice/ circumstances), married, complicated etc.

What I learned in reading this book? Is to know yourself – love yourself before loving someone else and most especially is to build a relationship with God!

There are a lot of beautiful quotes from this book; one of my favorite the one from

Isaiah 66:9 –

I will not cause you pain without allowing something new to be born”

Such a good guide for youngsters! I will this post with that! J

Way to go Alex G!




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