Election 2016 – UAE

Dear Filipino People of the UAE,

Please be guided of the below links and details for the upcoming Presidential Election – May 2016.

Thousands of Filipinos are registered voters … 
72,000 -AUH / 123,000 Dubai –  “be the change you want to be for our country”.

It’s time to exercise our right to suffrage. THE RIGHT TO VOTE.
Please make sure that you bring any of the below valid IDs such as:
·      Passport copy,
·      Emirates ID,

·      SSS or any government issued identification card.

 Here is the letter from the embassy. (Visit: http://abudhabipe.dfa.gov.ph )

If this letter is too small, please click here.
Double check if your name is on the list of voters …
Click this link: LIST OF VOTERS
VOTING SCHEDULE: From 9 April – 9 May 2016.
For updates, you may visit the official Facebook account of
Abu Dhabi Phil-Embassy in this link: https://www.facebook.com/ABU-DHABI-PE-1521549271477122/

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