The 1st Senior Core Group Assembly

As a new year unfolds, a new session has been created for all seniors (Servants from Unit head and above) to gather in the so called Senior Core group. 22nd January is our first session.


“For many are called but few are chosen” – Matthew 22:14


Aside from that verse, the day’s gospel is a timely call as God named his 12 apostles. We are not 12 but we are all called by name. Around 40-50 Servants gathered at St. Joseph’s church room 110 with one purpose, to ignite once again the heart of a Servant! Praise Fest was led by Tito Teting Codog, Abu Dhabi’s Family Ministry led the music ministry. Hosted by Sis Mavic Arnoza, she opened the session with a short grouping game to energize the participants and introduced our very own Country Servant, Tito Arsie Sembrano for the first talk.
Tito Arsie started with a tough warning – that this gathering of servant is not for the faint hearted. Teachings for these sessions will be solid and thus everyone is expected to receive hard teachings as we all level up with our service for the Lord. As an opening, he tackled this year’s theme from Ephesians 2:4 – But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us. –RICH IN MERCY.
The past years have given us a preparation for this year (see above notes of our themes from 2013 up to date). This means, we have been called to be an Authentic Christian: called to holiness, called to self-denial, self-emptying, called to go out and engage to a spiritual warfare.
A greater call for MERCY this year is at its pinnacle.
Teaching, lunch break and a team building activities were done.


Here is a quick look of the things we’ve learned on this day.


ITEM 1 – MERCY defined and difference with GRACE
ITEM 2 – How to respond God’s Mercy
ITEM 3 – We learned the meaning of B-U-H-O-S
by Sis Mavic
Mercy is a calling for repentance. Mercy is God not punishing us as our sins deserve. Mercy is deliverance from judgment.
·         Mercy – God not giving us what we deserve because of our actions.
·         Grace – God giving us the good that we don’t deserve, extending kindness to the unworthy.
1.       Be Humble
2.       Be Confident of His Love & Mercy
3.       Obey His Commandments
4.       Place our Lives in His hands – let Him be our driver
5.       Go to Confession and admit our sins
·         B-Believe
·         U-Understand
·         H-Humility
·         O-Obedient
·         S- Sacrifice


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Yearly Themes
2012 – Alive in Christ
2013 – Faith Works Wonders – Be.Li.Ev.E
2014 – Empowered to Witness
2015 – Look at Jesus, Look to the Poor
2016 – Rich in Mercy

Published for The Vineyard Magazine Issue 10 (Jan-March 2016)

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