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ByaheNgKokobears : Sailing in Abu Dhabi Marina

It was 6 years ago when I last saw Corniche skyline with its beautiful line-up of buildings (at night) from the beach through a Dhow Cruise that Koko and I enjoyed in the Valentine’s Day.

This year, a new perspective has been granted to us as we traverse Emirates Palace Marina to the Corniche beach by a sailboat! ~ This is our post-anniversary & a pre-birthday gift that Kokobear has prepared for me! J #HappyWifeHappyLife.



Call time was at 2:00 pm and we were indeed on time! We came first and waited the other guests. It took a bit longer to wait like almost 2 hours – so while waiting we started capturing memories from the dock of Emirates Palace Marina. We started sailing at 4:00 pm completed it at around 9:30 pm.


1.       Swing
2.       Walking on the water
3.       Swimming
4.       Water Sports – Donuts
5.       Dinner
6.       Treasure Hunt (For Kids! J )
7.       Dance/Disco/Chill


Here are some of the photos that we took on this day!














I missed to take a picture of the dinner that we had. Presentation wise, it was not that prepared (I believed they had some problems with the barbeque station that day) but it tastes good! We had a burger, salad, and mixed barbeque! I also enjoyed that in between we had a variety of snacks, especially that really good nuts, juice/mocktail, cola and cold water!
Overall, I would say that I had a blast on this trip. I love sitting on the tip of the boat looking towards the horizon and fresh breeze of the wind made us relaxed. The view of the building along Corniche road was a treat! And most of all when the strangers you share the boat with are all friendly and just having fun! J The crew as well did a great job!
It’s not only for couples, in fact, families and friends will enjoy this get-away! J 
Wanna try this? Contact Castaway- Abu Dhabi on their Facebook page here.


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Check out our video below ^^

My mobile photos are also up on #NothingButMemories blog.

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