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Why I Write?

Why I Write? -


June 2016

In the current status of the world, during this Information age – many of us will say that we are a writer in our own right. I guess it’s safe to say that more than ever, there are more writers today than that of history. The amount of creative writing programs in the schools or on the internet have blown up with the use of Social media and as far as I know there are over 100 million blogs circulating the world wide web, and mine is only a speck of it :).

I purchased a WD (Writer’s Digest) magazine in December 2015 and found that there are numerous number of writing communities in US alone. Even in the Philippines newspapers, magazines & blogs of different themes/types are all over, that’s why NBS (National Bookstore), Booksale and other book stores are my favorite visits once I’m on vacation.

On this blog, I would like to share to you “WHY I WRITE”. I have learned that writing is freeing our soul. It is shutting down the noise on our head and thus letting it flow by writing.


All time companion… a diary… :)
 I write because of :

 1. Freedom

It makes me feel free! It gives me the sense of freedom to which I am able to express my thoughts. Early on I have been writing diaries, back home in Cebu I have pile of notebooks filled with the stories of my High school & college life. (Secret crushes included ^^). Through writing in my diary I feel like I’m able to talk to someone who won’t judge me of whatever feelings I will express. Freeeeedooommmm indeed! :)


2. Practice the Skills

I took Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Sciences but taught English (ESL) after graduation. Writing allows me to practice the skills and polish it. I write, I read, I read again and correct myself and practice. Nowadays I have been really trying my best to do better; being outside of the ESL (English as Second Language) world for almost a decade now, somehow weakened some of my English skills, therefore a better effort is required! Thanks to this blog and to CFFL – The Vineyard Magazine for the drills! (wink-wink! 😉


3.    Share

I write / blog to share my life. To share the experiences, the food I tasted, the places I travelled, the encounter, the faith and all! I wanna share details and impart my ideas about certain things that of my interest. I gratefully share to anyone who wants to know about our recent trip, or a restaurant we visited and/or the activity we did. “Sharing is caring!” 😜


4.    Inspire

Cliché it may sound but I am one of those self-acclaimed writer/blogger (“kuno”) who would like to share my little / personal ideas and stories that I hope & I wish that it would somehow touched my readers and learn something from it. Get ideas and also inspire them to write. Hey you! Go ahead, pursue that creative writer inside that silent poet/novelist/writer/author heart in you. In love free icon


5.    Earn

I have learned that blogging allows you to earn money as well. (Reading & learning more about it at the moment…) therefore it gives me more enthusiasm to do better. Not really the kind of salary giving side hustle, but still a great motivation right!?!  I have been claiming that I am indeed a struggling writer/blogger and as I learn more about earning from doing one of the things that I love, it has also become a motivation to polish more of my skills. Someday I wish to write in magazines, newspapers, and world renowned websites with God’s grace!



I have a confession to make, (are you ready?) . . . for some of you who knows that I have become the Editor-In-Chief of CFFL – The Vineyard Magazine – maybe you would think that it is as easy as a pea to produce write ups quarterly but the fact is, it requires constant reading, re-writing, thoughtful days and nights on what is proper and what should be shared. Not only in editing but also in the articles that I share. My confession? I still get that feeling of not being good enough! But! My faith becomes my strength and God’s continuous affirmation allows me to go on.



How about you? Why do you write?

A good read about why people write is also in this site : WHY WRITE?



God bless,

Share you thoughts :)


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