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Kayne Series (Vol. 1) – Basic Getting To Know ME

I have decided to start this Blog Series about myself.

It’s like getting to know “The Blogger” series, I call it KAYNE Series.


As I visit random blogs, interact and share my posts and comments with them, I stumble upon Da Dominguez’s page saw her Blog series  entitled How To Really Know Someone – she got it on a tumblr post, questions came from this link.

But before jumping into those questions, I would like to share first, the basics.

Volume 1 is GETTING TO KNOW KAYNE– a slum book version.


What’s my full name?

I am Julie Mae Bacus-Chavez

Why Kayne?

I started thinking about a username for yahoo messenger & email during high school ( YM was the highest fad at that moment) so I thought, I should make a 5 letter name (to add to my nickname – JM )that’s unique and should start with K, because I thought K is not so common. I draw inspiration from some names posted in jeepneys and saw “Kane” and so added “Y” – so now I am JM KAYNE! :D
I wrote it in all my notebooks and other stuffs until the time when even my family – my dad, specially – calls me Kayne too! (Happy me!)



From Where?

I’m from Cebu Philippines but currently living in Abu Dhabi, UAE



What do I do?

Professionally I am a High School Teacher, but as on OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) – I work as a Training Admin in one of the Oil & Gas Company here in UAE.

Why do I blog?

At first it was just like an online diary. Then later on it became a hobby and just this year (about 5-6 months ago) I took it to another level… See my post here.

Who is Kokobear?

It’s an endearment that me and my husband call each other … J Some of my posts involves our activities so you’ll get to read Kokobear from time to time.
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See Volume 2 here.
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Share you thoughts :)



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