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Come, Follow Me

And he said to them, “Come, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
– Matthew 4:19

Three weeks ago the above verse is the highlight of one of the daily gospel which happens to be a topic we discussed in our household. Of course I have read it ahead of time since it has become a habit for me to read and post the good news daily on Facebook. Come, household night; we prayed, worship and eventually started sharing. While everyone shared their piece a thought has hit me. “Come Follow Me”. 


My sharing was about me being asked by God to Follow Him in a different way. It is a way that is still being a fisher of men but doing it behind the mainstream.  


What I mean by mainstream?


I would define in this blog – mainstream as a mainstream service in the community. Mainstream means being a servant – that handles households and has members that need to nourish (with God’s help) to follow up, remind, help, listen, talk etc. 


A background:


Since I left SFL ministry and joined the Area Household with my husband I have this longing of being a servant still. I feel that I want to be a mainstream servant but unfortunately or maybe fortunately – I can’t do it anymore. A new task has been given to us (me & hubby) as Area PFO (Pastoral Formation Officer).  


I have been through its up and down – I have been hurt in my past HH encounters but right before I left SFL, God gave a beautiful set of HH members (#HHLOVE) that I have felt so much joy! There is love, respect, affection and more. After the pain, comes joy! And sadly, I still have a hang of it. 


Tonight, (I mean that AHH night) as we share our Come, Follow Me stories, I am prompted to share this. I think God is calling me to be behind mainstream. It is a way that I am not needed to share my thoughts to my members no more. Where I am not needed to tap shoulders, make follow up and more. I believe that God assigned me to be behind the scene now because I guess I have given my share in the past 7 years. He said, Come follow me – be still and silent. 


My heart resists this thought. It’s heavy – it’s not what my mind wants. But what is in God’s mind is not up to me. I guess this is one pruning I need to encounter.


I need more time. I need more self-convincing. I need  the Holy Spirit to come upon me and enlighten me. In this I pray. Amen.
How about you?
Spend some time reflecting on this scripture – God, might be calling you to Come, Follow Him.

Share you thoughts :)


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