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My 4th of July

 [ My instagram post today 04/07/2016 ]


Yes, it has been 11 years! The Pipers11 now The Pipers & Co is celebrating our 11 years of friendship that started in UC-ESL. I remember clearly that first day of work. I came early – probably the first among the new teachers and met that white chinita girl (I thought a Korean) but actually Pinay! 11 of us started it and now this friendship has grown bigger that Phil called it The Pipers & Company (co.) Will not name them here but they know who they are! Salamat sa friendship, salamat sa time and memories together. Even-though we rarely meet nowadays, it feels good that whenever we see each other we pick up to to where we left and still feel the bond we always have.


In the same way, NDC was a God’s answered prayer. NDC life and work is tough, I often see myself being challenged emotionally but with God’s presence I persevere. His strength became mine and as I count additonal days, weeks, months or year I will keep on leaning on Him. Lord, be with me as I continue this journey.


This blog post is a thank you post for God’s outpouring blessings in my life especially to my family. I am no one without Him. I wouldn’t be here without His grace, mercy & love! getting a bit emotional now,,, He has given me blessings even though I don’t deserve them. His love never fails. Lord, salamat sa tanan. I love you! To God be all the Glory!


 [ The Pipers’ first studio photo. ]


[ Answered prayer – during CFFL Christmas Party 2011 ]


[ The Pipers & Co get together for our 10 years – Dec 2015 ]


[ NDC Diary 2015 ]











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