Sri Lanka Trip Itinerary Summary

As of writing, the 3 of us (Kokobear, Ate Amie and I) are now in the airport going back to Dubai/Abu Dhabi. It’s 5:27 am – from Colombo airport there is a layover to Mattalla for an hour then Dubai.
While waiting to board FZ 551 I have chosen to start this series of blog with the summary of our itirenary!

Day 0 – Arrival

Checked in the hotel – Paradise Beach Hotel in Lewis Place Negombo.
It is 15-20 minutes ride from the airport.
Talked to HF (Holiday Factory) representative – Mr. Vasantha regarding our plan for the daily tour.

We walked the street in Lewis Place where restaurants & souvenier shops lined up.

Dinner at Kamlo.

Day 1 – Kandy and nearby areas

– Left the hotel at 6:30 am
– Elephant Orphanage
– Spice & Herbs Garden
– Temple of the Tooth
– Ramboda Waterfalls
–  Head home, dinner on the way @ Dee Tree
– Arrived hotel at 10:30 pm

Day 2 – Sigiriya, Elephant Ride & Safari

– Left hotel at 5:30 am
– Hike Sigiriya Mountain
– Elephant ride
– Safari
– Head home, dinner on the way at Mango Mango
– Arrived hotel at 11:30 pm

Day 3 – Galle

– Left hotel at 9 am
– Turtle Farm
– River/Mangrove Tour
– Moonstone/Gem Factory
– Dutch Canal
– Galle Jewelry Street
– Buddha Statue
– Skills Fishing (missed)
– Head home, dinner on the way @ KFC
– Arrived hotel @ 10 am
Day 4 : Mini Colombo side trip
– Hotel breakfast
– Prep for Colombo side trip via train ride
– Visited Odel
– Back to Railway station/ Souvenier shopping
– Train ride back to Negombo @ 4:55 pm
– Arrived hotel @ 6:25 pm
– Pool until 7 pm
– Seafood Dinner at Tusker
– Lights out at 12 am (18 Sept)

Day 5 : Depart Sri Lanka

– 2:30 am call time
– Left hotel at 3:00 am
– Arrive SL Airport and waited for our flight
– Arrived Dubai Airport @ 11:20 am
– Arrived Abu Dhabi @ 2:45 pm
Details and more in the upcoming blogs!
This is #ByaheNgKokobearsWithAteAmie in Sri Lanka.
Intro post here.

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