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8 Years in Abu Dhabi

This is a quick post on how time passes by.

My Facebook newsfeed today, 12th October 2016 showed a 7 year photo of me being home in the Philippines. That was my first “OFW Balik-bayan moment” after a year of being in the world’s richest city! 


Those years seemed to pass in just a click. A lot have changed, few remained the same and one thing has been constant. 


Changes – Aspects in life such as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological and more. 


Remained Family (also constant), Friends (true one stays), the same JM or BJ that left Cebu in Sept 2008 etc. 


Constant – God’s Love for me and my family! His blessings, mercy, love and faithfulness! 


I won’t go into details this time. As I’ve said this is a quickie! Hehehe  . . . The main thing I want to express is that I AM GRATEFUL & I AM BLESSED.


Father, allow me to honor you for everything you have done for me in this foreign land! Amen.




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