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This is another #PublicServiceBlog post regarding one of the many requirements a married couple has to do in order to be legally recognized as “married” and/or be able to sponsor a spouse and other family members here in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We’ve been married for three years and the intention of attesting our documents have always been on hold due to some papers to prepare here and there. So only this year we did what is required. Here are the simple steps to do it.

Step 1. Get your NSO (yellow green paper) marriage license

Step 2. Have it attested in the Philippine DFA* (Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila (We’ve used DHL to do this process and costs as around 3,000 Php) 

*DFA shall return your Marriage Contract with a cover letter and a red ribbon + a blue (UAE MOFA) stamp at the back of it.

Finally, another attestation is needed when your papers reach here in the UAE. The simplest way to do it is through the TASHEEL Infinity Service in Marina Mall which took only 10 minutes or less! In fact my bus ride is even longer than the process! Happy customer here! :)

Step 3 – MOFA Attestation

Here’s how I did it.
I took the bus #7 from Elektra Street going to the main entrance of Marina mall, I guess it took around 35-40 minutes one way.

TASHEEL is on the lower floor of Paris Gallery, so I went straight to it and at the reception, you’d simply say I need my papers to be attested (with your greetings of course :) heheh showing some manners ) … and the receptionist will gladly give you the waiting number. Although she asked a few questions related to where did you have your marriage because there are 2 ways, I guess.

My number was 2255, on queue are 2 people and in less than 5 minutes it was my turn!

-MOFA Marriage Certificate attestation on iamjmkayne.com

As I approached the officer, he   asked for the marriage certificate, checked the back page and the UAE blue stamp then asked if I have a debit/credit* card for the payment.

*No cash is accepted, so make sure you bring a credit/debit card.

Gave my card and entered the pin, then he returned it with the receipt, took another paper ( a sticker) and stamp it on the back page! That costs 160/- AED.

That’s it!

To my surprise I asked him “Is that it!?!”

“Yes it is!” he answered with a smile. I said thank you!

To be honest, it took me so long to process this paper because all the while I thought I still need to go here and there then pass this and that and come back after a few days. But how efficient and fast was that! So, to you who plans to do it, there is no need to wait!

Tasheel Marina Mall 

Location: Lower ground area of Paris Gallery Marina Mall

Tel. No. 02-6811644 | Email: [email protected] | Website: www.infinity.ae

Timing : 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Days: Saturdays to Thursdays (Closed on Fridays)


Note: For other nationalities, the same process applies. Steps 1 and 2 must be done first in your home country’s version of Foreign Affairs authority & UAE Embassy + Step 3.


Hope this short post helped you.


God bless,



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  1. I only paid 150 though. Nagtaas na sila?

  2. Candy says:

    Such an informative post for those seeking a marriage license. Happy to hear how efficient and fast it was for you.

  3. Thank you so much for having the #PublicServiceBlog these are so helpful to give you details on where to start while in UAE. Bless you :)

  4. Sheree says:

    Very informative post and I didn’t know it is so cheap to get married in Abu Dhabi! :)

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  5. Wow, so much to think about/do! I’m sure this will be very helpful for people in the same situation as you :)

  6. marieanne says:

    Finally! This is a very useful people for those living in UAE. I was researching this for my friend who lives there. Great post – thank you for sharing your experience

  7. Yo don’t realise how much goes into preparing all of marriage documents. This is really helpful for alot of people out there and I remember when I was about to get married, I had to get my portuguese birth certificate and other portuguese documents translated into english so I could apply to get the australian certificate. Great post!

  8. Candace says:

    It really surprises me how simple it is to get married in Abu Dhabi. It is not that simple here in the states haha. I’ve always wanted to have our honeymoon there. I wish we could get married there now too!

    • JM Kayne says:

      I don’t think its simple here Candance, the one I shared is actually an extra thing to do after getting married, to be legit and approved by the UAE government :D

  9. Nina says:

    Government stuff as a foreigner is always the worst. I am an American living in Spain and it’s always such a process here. I’m glad that it all worked out for you!

  10. Chrissy says:

    Oh wow, this looks really simple compared to over here in the States, haha. I never knew that you had to go through this kind of process to get married there. x

  11. mirela says:

    A very useful and informativ post! It

  12. Joann says:

    Hello, do they still need the NSO birth certificate or just only the NSO marriage license? Thanks!

  13. Diva Flinz says:

    Hello.. nice to see your blog :) Is Marina Mall tasheel also open on weekend? and what documents we should bring to there? Thanks before :)

    • JM Kayne says:

      Hello Diva, you only need to bring your Marriage certificate – which should be attested already from your country’s Dept. of Foreign Affrairs. Regarding schedule, they are closed only on Fridays. All other days – open from 8 AM – 8 PM.

      Happy to help you with this blog :) Share us your experience once you’re done.

  14. Dex says:

    Hi, I have already dfa attestation of our Marriage contract but we got married in Philippines. Is it the same process?

  15. Mylene Baybay says:

    Hi! Thanks for the very informative blog! :) I just wonder if you have any idea regarding our case, we got married here in Abu Dhabi (Philippine Embassy) and they provided us a marriage contract. Is that the one that needs to be attested here or we still have to get a copy from the Philippines and have it attested there first? Thank you! :)

    • JM Kayne says:

      Hello Mylene, as far as I know you need the NSO/PSA Paper (yung yellow color) na for it to be attested. So yes, you need to get that copy in the Philippines. :)

  16. Reychel Bonzon says:

    hello, thanks for the very informative post. as to my case, we got married in the Philippines, before we went back here in abu dhabi, we already received our psa marriage certificate with red ribbon from DFA. Can we proceed directly to Tasheel for authentication or do we still need to go to Philippine Embassy here in Abu Dhabi to authenticate? Thanks

  17. Francis says:

    Hi JM, do I need to have the documents translated into Arabic?

    • JM Kayne says:

      There’s no need. Unless a company requires it. But if the purpose is just to make sure that it is attested to be considered as valid marriage cert – no need :).

  18. hanie says:

    Hi! Did you process your documents with DHL here in UAE or in the Philippines? I called DHL here in UAE before to inquire and the agent told me they don’t have such service here in UAE. Another thing, Do they require authorization or SPA from us to get our marriage contract attested in Philippines?

  19. Joan says:

    Hi JM Kayne,

    Thanks for this post. I’am a newly wed, we got married in PH, we already have PSA stamp and DFA red ribbon, i just want to know if we need to go to Abu Dhabi Embassy or go directly to Marina Mall for UAE attestation? Thanks for the reply :)

  20. Kome Tarh says:

    My problem is I have a certificate I want to certify is that possible at tasheel without a stamp from the ministry of foreign affairs of my country Cameroon?

  21. JD says:

    Thank you for the valuable information , I’ve called the UAE embassy here and i even visited them they said they cannot get my marriage certificate attested because i got married in Philippines, However the advised me to get a stamp from UAE embassy in Philippines i was not aware of all of this processes and my wife now she is about to deliver , the Ministry of Foreigner and affairs of Philippines is not enough so i will end up sending the documents back to Manila to get attested

  22. Today authenticated documents are necessary whether you are preparing to admit your kid in a school or moving abroad. Since there are thousands of people who travel abroad for employment/immigration or for any different reason, one of the important things you need to do is documentation.

  23. Joseph says:


    Just want to ask I got Married here at the Philippine embassy last jan 24 2019, do i still need a red red ribbon from my home country or our marriage contract that we got from the embassy is good enough..

    thanks in advance

    • JM Kayne says:

      Hello Joseph, yes you still need to have it in red ribbon from the DFA + UAE Embassy in the Philippines. I suggest you go to the nearest DHL in Pinas and they will guide you through the complete process and fees without going to the DFA/Embassy in person.

  24. laden says:

    hi po, red ribbon na po yung marriage certificate namin before we went here in abu dhabi, can I bring that directly to tasheel marina? or should i take the first stamp from uae embassy mofa ga yun? hehehe.. thanks po. God bless.

  25. Dev Raj says:

    If it is tasheel marina i have a very bad experience in here not qualified receptionist has no idea what she is talking about And itself called happiness center no happy conversations at all it is disaster

    I had applied for attestation of pcc it is been 15 days nothing result. I had been calling them the receptionist keep saying typist will call you in half an hour 4 hour nobody called now nobody picking my call i dont know whats goin on with my document at least they could have let me know. Stop picking call lead to another thaught. So iam still unknown what is goin on with my pcc So what else fo you expect this kind of happiness center Please god save me

    • JM Kayne says:

      So sorry to hear that Dev.
      Maybe due to Pandemic some services have slow down… but of course this should not be an excuse.
      Maybe you can try in another Tasheel center?


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